About Us

We work with business analytics and big data every day. We love to apply the latest analytical approaches on the data. We often use Open Source tools to create success for our customers.

We understand the complexity in practical work. Therefore the BI solution we created can last longer time. We always work with best practices in the industry and we focus on create simple and smart solutions.  

Our consultants have higher educations and more than 10 years of experiences. We delivery our service through projects,  courses and online advistory. 

We have cooperations with Aalborg University (AAU), Copenhagen University (KU), Copenhagen Business School (CBS) in different research projects. 

From 2018 Harry Consulting has started a strategic partnership with Chinese software company Dalian XueYa Technology Limited. (www.xueyafz.cn). With support from the offshore partners, we are able to provide more offshore IT development and operation capabilities.  Until now HarryConsulting has deliveryed several website projects together with our offshore partner.